Toolquip & Allied now offers a complete line of large milling, turning and grinding equipment

Toolquip & Allied, one of South Africa’s largest importers and distributors of specialised industrial equipment and engineering consumables is now able offer a complete line of large CNC milling, turning and grinding equipment. The range will compliment Toolquip & Allied’s existing range of CNC metal removal equipment.

The machines, manufactured by Canadian manufacturer Newland Machine Tool Group, includes vertical turning machines with swings between 1250 mm and 7000 mm, horizontal boring mills with spindle diameters between 130 mm and 165 mm, floor type boring mill machines with spindle diameters between 165 mm and 260 mm and vertical grinders with swings between 1250 mm and 5000 mm.

Newland Machine Tool Group Inc., located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, consists of five companies covering engineering, proprietary design, service, repair and rebuilds.


In 2011 the Newland Machine Tool Group Inc. acquired Vertical Turning Technologies Ltd. (VTT) from Exeter Machine Tools Ltd. (EMT) based in Coventry, England. VTT was renamed Newland Bennett Limited (Newland Bennett) to reflect VTT and EMT’s 18 year development of Webster & Bennett and Wickman Bennett designs and machines.

An example of the machines that Newlands manufactures is the NVT 1600 CNC vertical turning centre. The machine comes with a 1600 mm swing, 3-range table drive gearbox and 20,000 Nm maximum table torque, a 60 kilowatt motor and is designed to provide advantages when cutting hard materials like titanium and stainless steel. The higher RPM produces higher quality surface finishes in smaller diameter bores allowing for tighter specifications to be met. The NVT 1600 features an all cast iron design with box ways and a 1250 mm table with 11 800 kilogram capacity and 80 mm diameter ball-screws.


The company also manufactures bearing grinders with up to 3100 mm chucks, and horizontal boring mills of both t-type and floor type with up to 260 mm spindle diameters. These product lines include both standard and special machines developed on the basis of the customer’s applications.

Newland Machine also offers a proprietary clamping design that uses a ground surface with keys to locate the tool, plus hydraulic clamping to hold it in place for improved rigidity and control.

In recent times the company has adopted a global model for the business, whereby machine assembly is performed at the plants located in different countries. This allows the company to substantially reduce the cost and, accordingly, selling prices to customers. The first of these countries was Taiwan where machine assembly is located in close proximity to foundries and job shops machining parts according to the company’s drawings. Contrary to the other machine tool builders, who passed their documentation to Asian companies and fully entitled them to reproduce their machines, Newland Machine do all critical manufacturing operations in Canada with Canadian fitters carrying out the manual scraping of basic part surfaces and geometrical accuracy assurance tests.


The company has an additional assembly shop located in Indiana, USA for convenience of the North American customers, still the company’s largest customer base segment, and have set up a Joint Venture in China.

The major industries consuming Newland Machine machines globally are power generation (nuclear, wind, and hydro), bearing manufacturing, manufacturing and repair of aircraft engines, defense, valves for the oil and gas industry, off road vehicles, mining equipment and job shops.

Toolquip & Allied supply a full range of abrasives, blading, CNC and conventional machine tools compressors, cutting tools, engineering consumables, hand tools, machine tool accessories, measuring equipment and welding equipment.

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