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Johannesburg Head office – Tel: + 27 (11) 370-2727
Cape Town – Tel: +27 (21) 593 9700
Durban – Tel: +27 (31) 717 3600
Port Elizabeth – Tel: +27 (41) 451 1010
Pretoria (Tshwane) – Tel: +27 (12) 653 4018
Middelburg – Tel: +27 (13) 246 1273
Steelpoort – Tel: +27 (13) 230 3801
Rustenburg – Tel: +27 (14) 592 1618/3004/3011
Kathu – Tel: +27 (53) 723 1909
Pietermaritzburg – Tel: +27 (33) 342 1513
Lephalale – Tel: +27 (14) 763 1678/1726

Company profile
Toolquip & Allied was established in March 1998 when Tool and Equipment (Pty) Ltd, an importer and supplier of a comprehensive range of high quality cutting tools, tooling, accessories and basic measuring equipment, and Allied Machinery Equipment (Pty) Ltd, an importer and supplier of machine tools, measuring equipment and accessories merged their operations.

The resultant merger would see the company trading under the more recognisable name of Toolquip & Allied but would be registered as Allied Putziger (Pty) Ltd. The Putziger comes into the equation because of a merger in 1986 between measuring equipment supplier B Putziger (Pty) Ltd and Allied Machinery Equipment Pty Ltd. Putziger was founded by Bruno Putziger in the 1940’s and was one of the first companies that imported the Mitutoyo range of measuring equipment from Japan.

The merger between the two companies and resultant larger capitalisation of the new company put Toolquip & Allied in a position that would make it an attractive acquisition prospect.

Saccawu Investment Holdings (SIH) acquired the company in 2001 but legislation changes to provident fund investments in private companies made it difficult for SIH to hold onto their investment in Toolquip & Allied and the majority shareholding of the company subsequently changed to investment consortium Westbrooke Capital Partners in 2006 and BEE partner African Revival Consortium was brought on board.

Toolquip & Allied are now the largest importers and distributors in South Africa of specialised industrial equipment and engineering consumable including cutting tools, machine tool accessories, abrasive products, blading, measuring equipment, CNC and conventional machine tools, compressors, hand tools, specialised tooling, welding equipment and related products. There are now over 85 000 line items held in stock at any one time, sourced from over 300 best in breed suppliers in 25 countries worldwide.

In December 1998 Toolquip & Allied’s head office moved to the premises from which they operate today, located on the corner of Press Avenue and Main Reef Road, Crown Mines, Johannesburg. The building includes 6 500 m² of warehousing, and 2 500 m² of office floor space.

Branches are situated in the main centres of Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, as well as Pietermaritzburg, Kathu, Lephalale, Middelburg, Rustenburg, Steelpoort and Tshwane.

Toolquip & Allied offers a mix of high end products and more economical ranges to individual customers, small and large businesses and corporate buyers alike. The company has also developed its house brand, the TA range over the last 16 years. The TA brand represents value for money and quality products across the range from abrasives to hand tools and machine tools.

Although too numerous to mention all of the companies that Toolquip & Allied represents, some of the well-known manufacturing names include the following:

Abrasives – TA, Abrazion Unicut & Unigrind and Kinik
Accessories – TA, Homge, AMF, Porta, YG-1, Korloy, Korea Technics, Albrecht, Proex, Narex, Pinzbohr, Loc-Line, Jarrer and Kipp
Blading – Do All, Honsberg, Yorkshire, TA and Exact
CNC machine tools – Focus, AMCO, Eagle, Pinnacle, TA, Boxford and Joemars,
Compressors – Nuair
Conventional machine tools – TA, Cosen, Rong Fu, Pinnacle, Thomas, Geka, Caball, Marpol and Yunnan
Cutting tools – YG1, Yes Tools, Korea Technics, DC Swiss and August Beck
Hand tools – TA, Makita, Komelon, Wera, AMF, Noga, Fluke, Rotabroach, Curvomark, Metabo and Hi-Force
Hi-tech specialised tooling – Newall measurement systems, CNC simulators, Renishaw machine tool probes and styli, Baty vision systems and profile projectors, Air Turbine tools and spindles, Filtermist oil mist filters, vehicle wheel load scales, crane scales and Propen marking machines
Measuring – Mitutoyo, TA and Noga
Precision tools – Carmex
Welding – Arcmaster

The diversification of the product portfolio, which is constantly being added to, caters for most customer needs. An interactive website allows customers to explore what products are on offer and also allows registered users to order online. Recently the company introduced Rapid Trade, an e-commerce service, to enable registered customers to do business online resulting in meaningful cost savings for users.

The company has always had a commitment and dedication to training and skills development within the company. They pride themselves on the Adult Basic Education Training programme for staff that Toolquip & Allied have had running for a number of years. This is coupled with other product training and skills development initiatives.

A permanent technical training centre is established at the company’s head office in Crown Mines, in Johannesburg, to assist South African companies in bridging the skills gap.