Transmission manufacturing with steel turning grades GC4325 and GC4315

With new technological developments emerging on the automotive horizon, manufacturers are faced with extremely high demands in terms of quality, security and productivity. The new Sandvik Coromant grades GC4315 and GC4325 with Inveio™ are designed to support the automotive industry with outstanding reliability and process security.

Large batch production with low unit cost
Transmission manufacturing is a large volume production with a low cost per part. Therefore, requirements such as high process security, short cycle times and consistent quality are critical for achieving faster lead times and lower production costs. Soft stage turning is performed before the case hardening process. Offering high wear resistance and excellent tool life, this is where the steel turning grades GC4315 and GC4325 are to show a marked step up in performance.

Predictable performance for secure production
First choice grade for soft stage turning in stable conditions, GC4315, is designed for high-speed steel turning with a long and predictable tool life. Grade GC4325 is a tougher steel turning grade that manages interrupted cuts and uneven depths of cut at high speeds. Both grades enable high cutting data without sacrificing component quality. If the spindle speed limit prevents the full use of their capacity, maximum productivity can be achieved by applying higher feed rates. These two grades are excellent choices for outer-diameter turning, copying and profiling and guarantee predictable performance for secure transmission manufacturing.


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