TruLaser 3030 fibre laser machine with BrightLine fibre technology

BrightLine fibre technology allows the cutting of both thick and thin materials on a solid-state laser machine to equal levels of quality and cost-efficiency, giving manufacturers far greater flexibility than ever before, says Trumpf.


The TruLaser 3030 fibre features both high speed cutting and processing flexibility, resulting in maximum profitability. The fibre-delivered TruDisk laser excels not only at thin sheet cutting, but also in steel up to 3/4″ thick with peak performance, cut quality and low operating cost. Stainless steel, aluminium and copper can also be cut with speed and quality, giving you a full range of capabilities. Switching between materials is fast and easy, thanks to the automatic nozzle changer and the single cutting head. To further expand capabilities, the TruLaser 3030 fibre may be optionally equipped with RotoLas for tube processing.


What is BrightLine Fibre?
With typical fibre delivered lasers, the beam size is half that of a C02. While this is great for cutting thin material, in thick material the expulsion of the molten material is difficult in this small kerf. This is the reason that most fibre delivered lasers struggle with thicker materials and why the edge quality is worse in thicker materials. With BrightLine fibre, which is only available on a Trumpf laser, there’s the ability to change the beam size from a small beam to a larger beam. Not only is the edge quality better than any fibre delivered laser we have seen, but also thicker parts can be removed from the nest with ease.

  • Higher quality edge – cut mild steel, stainless, and aluminium up to one inch thick using the wider beam, thus allowing the molten material to quickly escape the gap
  • Higher processing speeds – achieve much higher processing speeds than ever before, if you are cutting with nitrogen you witness this remarkable speed
  • Small hole processing – small holes that would previously have to be drilled are now easily laser cut
    Higher piercing quality – since much less material is removed, there is much less splatter
  • Easier removal of parts – with a wider beam and smoother edge quality, parts can be more easily removed from the scrap skeleton

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