Victor Fortune Vcenter-H630HD heavy-duty horizontal machining center

The Victor Fortune Vcenter-H630HD heavy-duty horizontal machining center (HMC) has been upgraded and features a whole host of new functions. These include three-axis rapid feeds that have been increased (compared with the original VC-H630 model) to 944 IPM and are now heavy-duty box ways. The ballscrew pitch has been reduced from 12mm to 10mm and the horse power (HP) is increased on all 3-axis servo motors with the three-axis thrust force upgraded on the X by 63%, the Y by 60% and the Z-axis by 63% (includes longer Y-axis column).

The Vcenter-H630HD has a new ATC + tool magazine and the solenoid valve is upgraded with a check valve and modified PLC, and a new servo driven tool magazine is utilised in place of a hydraulic driving system.


The B-axis is upgraded to a deeper slope for less chip build-up and the 0.001° B-axis worm gear is changed to a roller cam drive. An optional hydraulic interface goes through the B-axis mechanism (coupling) and the pallet loading capacity is increased from 1 000 to 1 200 kilograms.

It is reported that a modified longer spindle and layout for spindle bearings is utilised, and the new spindle with hollow taper reduces the contact surface between the tool and spindle. The Y-axis and Z-axis cover with layer gap now faces downward (reversed design from VC-H630) and a new casting is featured on the Y-axis column, which is 152,4mm higher.

The machine guarding includes a user-friendly control panel that is designed for easy operation. The machine also features improved chip and coolant disposal and less noise for the APC door.

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