Victor launches large capacity Vturn-V1000 VTL

The popularity of the Victor VTurn V760 vertical turning centre has now seen the company introduce the larger Vturn-V1000 for larger diameter components.

The new addition to the Victor Vturn Vertical Range highlights the company’s recognition of customer demand for an increased capacity VTL. For manufacturers producing large parts that demand heavy cutting, the configuration of a VTL and the natural fall of swarf from the work area provides instantaneous benefits – this is something Victor has recognised from its market research.


The Vturn-V1000 offers a swing over bed of 1100mm with a maximum turning diameter of 1m and an overall turning length of 850mm. From a traverse perspective, the new VTurn V1000 provides an X and Z-axis stroke of 500+40 and 850mm respectively. The standard solid chuck has a diameter of 24 inches with optional larger chucks of 28, 32 or 40 inch also available.

Within its small footprint, the Vturn-V1000 accepts parts up to a maximum load capacity of 1250 kg, therefore the rigid frame of the machine is essential to enable end users to machine such large parts. For conducting heavy cutting operations, the Vturn-V1000 has a 12 station Bolt Mounted Turret (BMT-85) accepting a maximum tool shank diameter of 32mm with boring bars up to 60mm (80mm optional) possible. Optional 12 station BMT-85 Turret with Live Tooling is also available, and the milling motor has an output of 7kW.


To accommodate such heavy payloads and large diameter tools, the V1000 has a 45kW spindle motor with a two stage ZF gearbox as standard. The X and Z axes servo motors have a respective output of 4 and 7kW. These dimensions instill confidence in the end user that they are investing in an extremely rigid and robust machine tool from Victor, a company regarded as the UK’s benchmark in heavy duty machine tools that deliver longevity and performance for years to come. Guaranteeing a robust platform, the Vturn-V1000 has a footprint of 2510 by 4155 by 3550mm in the width, length and height that has a total weight of 16 000 kg.

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