Victor Vcenter-AX350 advanced 5-axis vertical machining center

The Victor Taichung AX350 VMC is a fully simultaneous 5-axis machining centre. Driven by a Fanuc control system, this machine is built utilising the strengths already established on the two, three axis VMC ranges. The advanced 5-axis application (by integrating a trunnion table into a Vcenter-A72) has lowered the table surface to facilitate the loading of larger and heavier parts than by fitting a 5th axis table onto a 3-axis VMC.

With the innovative mechanism “Roller CAM Driver” inside, this non-backlash 5th axis table guarantees high machining accuracy and reliability. A supreme rigid and tough column enables the Z-axis acceleration of 0.75G. CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) design with a span of 700 mm in the Y-axis, results in a maximum stiffness to ensure the minimum overhang distortion for the whole X-axis traveling range of 720 mm and 350 mm on the tilting rotary table.

The machine comes with a directly-coupled spindle (DCS) with a high torque spindle motor to avoid the vibration and enhance the surface finish on components. The 15 000 rpm spindle speed with chiller and high torque output accommodates both heavy cutting at low rpm and high speed machining.


The AX 350 is equipped with a fully integrated 2-axis tilt/turn table, providing engineers the platform to machine both 3 + 2 and full 5-axis.

The machine is constructed as a Fixed column C-framed VMC with high rigidity for heavy cutting, with the offering of either a 12000 or 15000rpm spindle and high rapid feeds. The machine also has a Large Z-axis travel which is preferable for the tilting table concept. The tilting table offers a workpiece capacity of 170 mm or 250 mm diameter. The axes travel on the machine is XYZ of 650 x 480 x 540 mm.

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