Walter AG X·pert taps with variants for ISO K and ISO N materials

The distinguishing feature of the X·pert tap family is the ease of association with a range of applications. This is achieved by a clearly visible inscription with the ISO material group and the X-pert name. With new additions to the family, these associated handling advantages are now available for the P, M, K and N ISO material groups.

After launching the variants for steel (ISO P) and stainless steel (ISO M), Walter, with the introduction of Paradur® X·pert K and the Paradur®/Prototex® X·pert N, is bringing further versions of the new X·pert tap family onto the market. For all types, the inscription on the shank of the ISO material group clearly indicates in which materials the tools achieve their highest performance. Additional to this clear primary role allocation, the X-pert range are working almost hand in hand with each other because there are secondary applications that enable their use beyond their primary roles. For example, if usually long-chipping aluminium materials, in which the X·pert N is most at home are made to be increasingly short-chipping through a high Si content, then use of the X·pert K is beneficial. The situation with steel and stainless materials is similar. “In this way, the flexibility of the whole family using the P, M, K and N materials is complete,” explains Martin Hellstern, tapping specialist in Product Management at Walter AG.


The Walter Prototyp Paradur® X·pert K for cast iron workpieces is suitable for both blind and through-hole threads

The Walter Prototyp Paradur® X·pert K is the robust and reliable solution for machining cast iron materials. Two different tools are not required to produce blind and through-hole threads in cast iron, instead, the user can manage with only one – a straight-fluted tap in this case. An additional feature is that the X·pert K is manufactured from HSS-E-PM, so in addition to its toughness, the tool body in the powder-metal version offers a higher level of hardness: this, in combination with an optimised, temperature resistant TAFT coating, means the tool achieves an excellent tool life even with highly abrasive cast iron materials and high cutting data.


The Walter Prototyp Prototex® X·pert N is the specialist for through-hole threads in long-chipping non-ferrous metals. Like all taps in the X·pert family, it has the code letter for the material application range clearly inscribed on its shank

Two specialised tool designs, the helical flute Paradur® X·pert N and the Prototex® X·pert N spiral point tap are available for non-ferrous metals, particularly AlSi alloys with up to 7% Si content or pure copper. The distinguishing shared feature is their polished uncoated surface which supports controlled chip formation and evacuation in ISO N materials. In addition, miscutting in soft materials is prevented by the geometry which is specifically designed for ISO N materials. Moreover, for soft materials, Walter also offers the Paradur® X·pert N with a reduced number of flutes to optimise chip evacuation in these applications.

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