Walter extends Cut-SX single-edged grooving system

The grooving blades and internally cooled toolholders for the new Walter Cut-SX single-edged grooving system are now available in two additional dimensions and designs.

Process reliability is the top priority for grooving and parting off, particularly when the tool cuts deeper grooves into the workpiece. The Walter Cut-SX grooving system, launched 2013, ‘cuts its grooves’ precisely into this gap in capability; the cutting depth is no longer limited according to the insert length, as it was previously with double-edged systems. This makes it possible to achieve the deeper grooving and parting-off cuts that are increasingly common in many sectors of industry. At the same time, a new self-clamping system ensures that the cutting inserts are securely located, even under conditions of high stress.


The right tool for each job also plays its part in providing process reliability in any application. The Walter Cut-SX grooving system is therefore being continuously enhanced, in order to provide solutions for as wide a range of machining situations as possible.

In future, Walter will offer its Walter Cut-SX G2042R/L grooving blades with strengthened shank in four variants: As a left- or right-handed tool, each in a standard and a contra version. This makes it possible to work in any position required, even where space may be limited. Because the tool shank reduces available clearance when grooving in the immediate vicinity of the spindle, the mirror-image design of the contra version provides an easy solution to this potential problem.


Walter Cut-SX G2012-P toolholders with through coolant have been available in the shank sizes of 20 and 25 millimetres since 2013. The Tübingen experts in machining have now added the shank sizes of 12 and 16 millimetres for smaller diameters. These are particularly suitable for use on multi-spindle machines, automatic centre lathes, because the dimensions of the tools have been specially adapted to these types of machine. With machines like these in particular, ‘room to manoeuvre’ is often limited.

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