Walter extends X.treme micro drill range to cover depths up 30 times diameter

Tooling giant Walter has extended its range of X.treme DM micro drills with the addition of 2 mm to 2.95 mm diameter drills for depths up to 30 times diameter. Walter’s X.treme DM micro drills are now available for producing highly-accurate holes at five, eight, 12, 16, 20, 25 and 30 times diameter, to cover a host of small hole demands.

With internal cooling, optimised point and flute geometries plus special aluminium titanium nitrite-based cutting edge preparation, the drills ensure excellent chip formation and evacuation for very high process reliability, as well as exhibiting high-level wear and tool life.


The drills are applied without pecking; first using the X.treme Pilot 150 to pilot drill down to two times diameter before the X.treme DM drill of choice is used initially at low revs/min before completing the hole in a single operation at normal speed.

Walter WMP20S insert optimised for steel and stainless steel
The use of a newly developed, thinner CVD coating on Walter’s Tiger.tec Silver inserts has resulted in WMP20S, a universal wear-resistant insert with sharp cutting geometries that is said to be suitable as a universal grade for small-to-medium batch machining on both stainless steel and carbon steel materials.

Until now, says Walter GB, dedicated sharp-edge inserts would traditionally be applied to stainless steels in the ISO M group, while heavier edged tooling would be used for ISO P steels. WMP20, however, combines the best of both worlds, thus reducing inventory costs.

Featuring a CVD coating that is only half as thick as conventional CVD, the Tiger•tec Silver cutting tool material is said to offer speed, reliability and longer tool life. Increased cutting speed is a result of the coating’s aluminium oxide with optimised microstructure, which extends the time it takes for crater wear recesses to form.

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