Welding torches feature close-to-process wire feeding – SKS

Perfect results for automated arc welding are only possible if all components meet the highest technical standards. This applies, in particular, to the torch systems – the interface between the robot and the joint. SKS Welding Systems developed specific solutions for this very feature. SKS Welding Systems offers the Frontpull 8 family of welding torches. They feature close-to-process wire feeding, with the drive unit directly in front of the torch neck. The torches are suitable for all standard arc welding and soldering processes and the pertaining consumables; they highly support spatter and heat-reduced welding processes such as microMIG and microMIG-cc.


The new Frontpull 8i for process-arm robots (internal cable or hollow wrist robots) has a unique position in the market. It offers unlimited rotation even beyond 360°, it is light-weight (>3 kg), and features high-precision wire feeding. Limitless rotation is a real time saver, re-orientation movements of the robot are eliminated. Besides perfect wire control, the torch cable is well protected: thanks to a media feed-through with limitless rotation the cable is free from any torsional stress. Additional benefits include controlled heat input into the workpiece, virtually spatter-free joining with defined penetration, good seam appearance, low workpiece deformation and – as a result – only little rework. The reproducible accuracy of the TCP after changing the torch neck and/or the wearing parts is± 0.2 mm. SKS offers the Frontpull 8i with integrated collision protection, and the Frontpull 8i lite with support for existing robot collision protection systems. Robots with external cables use the Frontpull 8.


Another innovation is the standard version of eReam. The first 100% electrically driven program-controlled torch cleaning system offers fundamental advantages over systems driven by compressed air.

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