Welding tubes quickly and easily with the laser

Trumpf releases new TruLaser Cell 1100 basic edition, a beam guidance system.

The Trumpf TruLaser Cell 1100 Basic Edition is a beam guidance system that makes starting to weld tubes and profiles far less complicated. The system was conceived especially for companies that work a smaller number of differing tube sizes and that wish to make the transition from conventional tube welding to welding with the laser.


The machine is easy to operate and contains all the functions needed for a successful start. Two adjustable axes accommodate a wide variety of tube geometries. The X axis positions the welding optics parallel to the feed direction while the Z axis sets the optics at the correct working height, matching the tube diameter. Mechanical seam guidance is available as an option to improve the welding seam. When engineering the TruLaser Cell 1100 Basic Edition, Trumpf paid special attention to the machine’s ruggedness under tough manufacturing conditions in order to minimise stoppages.

CO2 laser mounted at the factory
Installed at the factory is the beam source, Trumpf TruFlow CO2 laser, with a power output that can vary between 3.2 and 6 kilowatts, depending on current needs. The compact, axial-flow lasers from the TruFlow family are not only insensitive to thermal and mechanical influences, they also offer stable laser beam quality even during longer welding sessions. In order to make the operation as simple as possible, Trumpf has reduced the number of interfaces to a minimum.

The frame for the new TruLaser Cell 1100 Basic Edition has been designed for efficiency. It comprises two parts, so that the machine can be installed and commissioned very quickly at the customer’s site. In addition, the pre-mounted laser is adjusted for optimum performance before the machine leaves the factory. This lets the customer launch production as quickly as possible, without any need for laboriously readjusting the laser.

In addition, Trumpf service technicians can use the telediagnosis feature, once the customer has approved this function, to communicate with the machine and to eliminate any malfunctions both quickly and reliably. This raises machine availability and virtually eliminates service calls. The TruLaser Cell 1100 Basic Edition thus guarantees not only an uncomplicated entry into the welding of tubes and profiles, it also makes those operations fast and productive.

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